Windows Media Player Problems

A number of times people are facing problems like not having the video played on the computer with windows media player. Mostly this happens when you have installed a new copy on windows on your computer and you are trying to play some compressed movie on your computer.

The reason that does not allow you to see the video is that the files that are rendered in the form of compressed video are not to be played without being rendered into original video that is understandable by the media player. Hence, it does not understand the video and tells you that the video is not being able to be played.

Same is the case with sound. A number of times, the sound of the movie that you are trying to play (if you have not installed some codec); it happens that the sounds are not being played. Most of the times, the problem occurs when you have not installed the video or audio driver or you have not installed the codec for that video to be rendered.

If you are also having such problems, then you firstly have to check for your drivers for sound and video. If they are correctly installed for the same hardware that you have installed, then you will have to see for proper codec for that file.

The best and the most reliable codec for such files is K-Lite media pack. This is a collection of media player and codec packs which will allow you to open almost all media file in your computer.

There are a number of places on the internet where you will be able to download the files related to codec and drivers. The best place is cnet downloads at The software found on this website is free from mallwares, so you do not have to worry about attacks to your computer. Just search for what you are looking for and you will get that.

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